Technology Development, Its Benefits and Side Effect

Globalization is new phenomenon in this modern era. Globalization itself can give beneficial effect and negative effect. One of the well-known globalization effects is quite many, for examples there are cell phone effect, internet connection, hacking data through the computer. Especially for hacking data for computer, this is usually happen in some company. Usually employee which has been fired and want to take revenge on the company that fired them, after they got the data files they usually will sold it to the rival company. This is criminal thing in this globalization era and we must be careful with hacking and stealing any data from other computer users.

The misuse of technology in this present day

Other than employee that stealing important data there are other globalization phenomenon that can affecting our children from the new cell phone. Cell phone in this modern era has cheap price, but has high specification and many features. This can give the children bad effect especially for their mentality, especially if they don’t have enough money to buy a cell phone. So, as the parents, we must extra care about the children and the entire activities. Children activities can be positive and negative and we must forbid our children to do some negative activities such as steal money to buy something, browse the porn sites and play gambling in the internet.

Internet can also bring positive effect because with internet we can access the web page to get some information through the internet. In this modern era, there are many internet options and has cheap price and any children can access the internet easily. As the parent, we must control our children about the internet. We must know about the entire activity from our children. If they access the restricted web page, we must tell to them if access the restricted web page is not good for their mentality. SO we must extra care about the internet activity of our children.

The globalization has much bad effect in this modern era. But, it is depend on the children mentality and personality. If the children can filter the information about the globalization, they cannot get bad effect about the globalization. But still, we as their parent must control their activity especially if they are in front of the computer because computer also can give bad effect. It is possible for children to easily access porn sites, gambling sites, and other restricted sites. Therefore, if you do not want your children to access these restricted areas, you can see some solution in the bellow paragraph.

If you want to monitor your children in this present day, you can install Mobistealth Application to your computer. This application is useful for you if you cannot monitor your children every day. You can just install the Mobistealth mobile application from your Android or iOS cell phone and you will be connected to the computer. The computer will sync automatically with your cell phone if there is any internet connection. This application can monitor any activities inside the computer and we can add the blocked web site page and we only enter the web pages inside the mobile application.

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